Orders are shipped within 10 working days after receiving by CERKAMED full pre-payment unless otherwise agreed.
Customized orders are provided upon separate arrangements.

Any additional order placed after the order confirmation will be treated as a new order and confirmed separately.



Transport of purchased items is organised by CERKAMED on the client request.
Deliveries effected mostly via UPS or ASL couriers.

If transport is organized by the Buyer, he is obliged to ensure proper conditions of transportation and storage of medical devices that will guarantee saving their properties. All arrangements in case of order delivery shall be settled between the parties each time in written form.

If the transport is organized by the Buyer, he informs CERKAMED about the mode of transport: by road, sea or air.

All additional arisen costs related to the chosen way of transportation must be covered by the Buyer.



100% payment in advance by the Bank Transfer (T/T) based on the Pro-Forma Invoice unless otherwise agreed.
All additional transfer charges must be covered by ordering party.

Delivery fees are covered by the buyer and added to the Pro-forma Invoice unless specially requested.

It means the Buyer should choose OUR code for making international wire transfer.



Any additional documents for crossing the border (e.g. COO, EUR1) must be requested while placing the order.
Marketing materials are available upon separate arrangements between the parties.
Orders not confirmed or not pre-paid will be kept in CERKAMED system records for 4 weeks from the moment of their receiving; after that period they will be cancelled without any notice.

Gutaperka stomatologia
narzędzia stomatologiczne Cerkamed